Itís Just Me And MyÖ
(Mike Schaffer)

Verse 1:
Can not cope with this pain that I am feeling
Why canít you let me make my own decisions

Chorus 1:
I, I donít know
Whatís to become of me
I, I wonít show
That thereís something wrong with me

Verse 2:
Donít know how or where to turn
Not that much time left to burn
And as that time is drawing closer
Iíll try and keep a straight composure

Verse 3:
Well now that Iím dead and gone
Youíre to blame for what has been done
All I left you was a note
You said I loved you well I donít

Chorus 2:
You, you donít know
What came over me
I didnít show
There was something wrong with me