Never See Again
(Rich Schaffer)

Verse 1:
I tried to give her everything
I did my best I guess sheís never seen
The things Iíve said or the things Iíve done
Those hated days will never end
I failed to look in to her eyes
To seek out what was inside
Her thoughtful mind I guess Iíve missed
The point of all of this

She hates you
Get over it
Not seeing what has become of me
She loves you
Howíd you discover that
Your life is empty

Verse 2:
Iíve seen some thoughts that sheís had
Some were good some not so bad
I wish I would have treated her better
To have the girl Iíll never have

One day it occurred to me
I said some things that I didnít mean
One day it occurred to me
I love you more than youíll ever see

Hey girl will you ever see
Will you ever see
Will you ever see again