December 14, 2003 -
Bio has been updated!

November 25, 2003 -
Hello one and all. It's good to be back. Been very busy lately getting my life straightened out. Anyway, I am in fact booking again. No shows will be played in the month of November but we will hopefully be back out in December. I will promise each and every one of our fans that. So keep posted to the shows page. And if u want to know sooner, join up to our mailing list.
Other than that, thigns are going really decently in the band. New songs are still in the works. And studio time is being booked for January 2004. (keep fingers crossed)
Again, can't wait to hit the Valley hopefully again in December and continue on into '04. See you all then.
Mike Schaffer

October 19, 2003 -
First thing's first. I apologize to everyone that signed our old guestbook. I was away from the site for a few days. Next thing I know, all the entries in the old guestbook were gone except for one page. And no one could sign it any longer. Found Out decided to update their shit. So bitch them out.
I added a new counter to the main page. I did up my own guestbook. So this time it won't be taken down unless the website goes down. And I deleted a few DEAD links.

October 6, 2003 -
Hello to all, long time no updates.
First off, the break is coming along very nicely. We have thrown out a few old songs that we never really liked to begin with. We also have been making a few old tunes 300 times better sounding overall. And Ian is doing a lot more back-up vocal work. And we have written 4-5 new songs. A few are slower then get faster, and the others are just fast and hard. 2 of them have already have the basic lyric set-up, I just need to finish a few lines in them. But overall, everything has been going great.
And the best news I have is that, in a little under a month, we start booking shows again. I can't wait to get back out there. I really feel that our fans that we have, and ones we have yet to make, will love our new shit and love our reworkage to some old tunes.
The EP may be put on hold for a little while longer though. We still haven't decided on where we are recording it yet. But we will have some t-shirts, stickers, and/or pins available when we hit the Lehigh Valley again in December.
So stay tuned for further updates in the news section for upcoming show dates. Oh, and Chris (the drummer for Type 14) has said that we will be playing more shows with them in the future. So look for a few shows to be booked with Type 14

August 23, 2003 -
First off, last night's show was a blast. Thanks again to Suffer The Demise for throwing the whole thing together. And to all the other bands, you guys put on one hell of a show.
Second, I'd like to say again that last nights show is our last. Well not our last, but we probably won't be playing shows again til late October or early November. We all need a break as a band for awhile.
Third, while we are on a show hiatus, we will be working on making our old songs better, throwing some old songs out, and writing some new ones.
Fourth, When we come back, we will have a 4-5 song EP out and some t-shirts. The EP is untitled at the moment and the tracklistings we aren't sure of either. So I'll keep you updated on that.
And last but not least, I'd like to take this time to thank all of our old fans for sticking with us this summer and coming out to our shows, and to our new fans, for taking a liking to us. We will see you all again in the fall. Until then, take care. - Mike

August 21, 2003 -
Added 1 new Misc. Picture.
Added 2 new Banner Links.
We are now also featured on Lehigh Valley 2 Night.

August 20, 2003 -
Added 12 new Misc. Pictures.
Added 20 new Mike Pictures.
Added 9 new Rich Pictures.
Added 34 new Band Pictures.
Added 9 new Ian Pictures.
New picture on the Main Page.
Updated the Band Members Page.
Updated Mike's profile with a new picture.
Updated picture on 2nd page of website.
The site just basically got a major overhaul today that it's needed for a long time now. Hope you all enjoy.

August 16, 2003 -
August 22nd show date being held at the Trexlertown Grange.

August 15, 2003 -
Updated the Shows Page.

August 13, 2003 -
Added and deleted a few links from the links page.
Also, added each members AIM screennames to their profiles in the band members section. Get a hold of your favorite member quicker!!

August 08, 2003 -
Final Details are in for August 9th Show Date. Check them out in the Shows Page!!

August 07, 2003 -
Added 4 new Misc. Pictures.

August 04, 2003 -
Updated show info for August 22nd show date!!
Updated the Bio.
Added and deleted a few links in the links page.
Added a Mailing List!!! So join and be kept up to date on Deprived.
Updated the Banner Links page.
Added the Merch page.
Updated Rich's profile.
Updated Mike's profile.
Updated Ian's profile.

July 28, 2003 -
Added August 22nd Show Date!!!
Updated show info for August 9th Show Date!

July 24, 2003 -
Updated the shows page with more info on upcoming shows!!

July 21, 2003 -
Updated the shows page!!!

July 15, 2003 -
Updated Rich's profile in the Band Members page.
Updated the counter and the message board!
Updated the Biography.

July 11, 2003 -
Updated the Shows Page.
Also added August 9th Show Date!
Added 2 new Ian Pictures.
Added 1 new Miscellaneous Picture.

July 3, 2003 -
Added new show dates in the Shows page.
Updated a few show dates in the Shows page.

June 30, 2003 -
Added a new poem entitled: Not Worth It! written by myself in the poetry page.

June 18, 2003 -
Added 13 new Mike pics.
Added 4 new Rich pics.
Added 3 new Misc. pics.

June 17, 2003 -
Added a few new links to the Links Page.

June 13, 2003 -
Added a few new links to the Links Page.
Added in 3 new show dates!!!
June 24 - Saliva after show party at the Ugly Moon Saloon.
July 31 - Opening for Vanilla Ice!!!
July 31 - Vanilla Ice after show party at the Ugly Moon Saloon.
Updated the Bio!!

June 04, 2003 -
Updated the Shows Page!!
Added June 20th show date as well as July 30th Show Date!

May 30, 2003 -
Updated the Shows Page!!

May 27, 2003 -
May 31st show at the Rusty Nail in Palmerton, PA has been cancelled!!
Hope to see everyone out at the Battle of the Bands on June 7th!

May 26, 2003 -
Memorial Day!!

May 23, 2003 -
Updated the Shows page!!

May 21, 2003 -
June 12th show date changed from Ugly Moon Saloon to Main Stage at Croc Rock!!
It'll be an All-Ages show as well!!

May 20, 2003 -
2 new show dates in June posted. More info to be posted when received!!
Added 3 new poems. Inadequacy, The Lost, IT Consumes. All written by Sharri Beagle.

May 19, 2003 -
Added a new poem entitled Benevolence written by Ian Ryczak!

May 18, 2003 -
Again, I would like to thank Stik Figure for coming out last night on such short notice!
We will be bringing them along on a few summer tour dates in June and/or July.
I'll have to say that last night's show was good but Ed's Qtown Tavern and Pub can suck a dick. That place was the worst fucking place we have ever fucking played at!!
Added 8 new Band Pictures.
Added 1 new Ian Picture.
Added 5 new Miscellaneous Pictures.
Added 1 new Rich Picture.
Added 1 new Mike Picture.

May 17, 2003 -
Jennifer Listen backed out of tonight's show. Stik Figure will be filling in!!

May 16, 2003 -
Ian is dating a wonderful person by the name of Sharri!!
Added 6 new Ian pictures.
Added 2 new Band pictures.
Added 3 new Mike pictures.
Added a Miscellaneuos Pictures page.
Added 20 Miscellaneous pictures.
June 7th Show date has been officially confirmed. See you at the Battle of the Bands!!
Updated Ian's profile in the Band Members section.

May 15, 2003 -
Added May 17th show date!

May 6, 2003 -
Added 3 new Ian pics!!
Added a few new links.
Updated Mike's Band Member Page!

May 5, 2003 -
Added and Deleted a few more links.
Added in a few new show dates!!!

May 1, 2003 -
Mike is now going to be on 90.3FM WXLV somewhere between 10:15 and 10:30 tonight!
So tune in and listen up!

April 29, 2003 -
Deleted a few links.
Possibly 2 more show dates. Will add them when/if they get confirmed.
Mike is going to be on 90.3FM WXLV on Thursday May 1st, between 10:30 and 11:00 promoting upcoming shows, and this website.

April 25, 2003 -
We have moved to
Make sure to bookmark it!
Everything is now fully functional on
Tons more photos to be coming in, in the next 2-3 weeks. Keep checking for those.
Added a few more links.
Added a poem I recently wrote entitled: Better Than You.
It's about my ex-girlfriend Tabatha. STUPID WHORE!
I added another poem I wrote quite awhile back entitled: Enough is Enough

April 22, 2003 -
Added May 23rd Show Date!!
Added May 24th Show Date!!
Added May 31st Show Date!!
Added and Deleted a few links.

April 20, 2003 -
Happy Easter!
Happy 4/20!
And I'd also like to take this time to thank Jennifer Listen for having us at Bankers the other night. We all had a great time and the show was great!

April 11, 2003 -
Lyrics page up for the song: Remember The Time
We are going to be going into the studio sometime this summer to record our next album: Lights Out

April 9, 2003 -
Updated the Shows page.
Ugly Moon Saloon show got cancelled 10 mins after it was supposed to start last night.
Finished a new song entitled: Remember The Time. Lyrics page for it will be added soon.

April 01, 2003 -
Updated the Biography.
Added lyrics page for our new song: I Won't Take It
Fixed up a few other lyrics pages as well.
Added more pictures of The Band, Mike, and Ian.

March 31, 2003 -
We finally have Pictures!!!
Pictures page is completed!!!
Pictures from Crocodile Rock Cafe are up!!
A few other pictures have been added as well.
Updated Mike, Rich, and Ian's band member pages.
Added tons more links and deleted a few.
Updated the banner links page.
Added a few more banner links.
Added April 8th show date!!!

March 28, 2003 -
We would like to thank Type 14, Jennifer Listen, and Ovlo for having us play last night. The show was awesome.
We also would like to thank all of our fans that actually came out to see us.
We might be booking some upcoming shows with: Jennifer Listen, Type 14, Image 9, and Enamored.
I'll keep you posted on that.
Also: A big apology goes out to the drummer of Ovlo.
"Didn't mean to break the bass drum head. We deeply apologize for that."
Added April 18th show date!

March 25, 2003 -
March 27th show at Crocodile Rock has been changed.
Doors now open at 8:00 instead of 9:00.
So mark that down so you don't miss our set!!
Added and Deleted a few links on the links page.

March 17, 2003 -
Happy St. Patrick's Day
Also, the 29th show has been cancelled!

March 14, 2003 -
Added a few more links in the Local and Unsigned Bands
Updated Rich, Mike, and Ian's member pages.

March 13, 2003 -
Oktober Skyline will no longer be playing with us on March 29th. We are currently looking for another band to fill their spot!

March 10, 2003 -
Crocodile Rock Show is now All-Ages!!!

March 6, 2003 -
Added Crocodile Rock Show Date!!!
Added Aquashicola Fire Co. Show Date!!!

February 28, 2003 -
Added a few more bands in the links page.

February 7, 2003 -
Updated Rich's and Mike's bio pages.
New email address:

January 13, 2003 -
First, I would like to take this opportunity, on behalf of Ian and I (mike) to apologize for what Rich said at the end of our set. It was totally uncalled for. I would also like to thank everyone for coming out and for all of the bands for actually showing up. All the bands did a great job. And for everyone that didn't stay to see Enamored play, FUCK YOU! You missed a fucking amazing band. And lastly I would like to thank Dylan (L.A.M.e) for informing us about the show and letting me use my PA System.
All in all I thought it was a great show.

Updated Ian, Mike, and Rich's band member pages.
Also added a few more links to the links page.

January 6, 2003 -
Added a few more links.
Also, on the 12th we have another band playing as well: Fo A Cha.
We will be on 3rd. So around 7-9 come on out and see us.

January 1, 2003 -
Happy New Year!!!
Added show date for January 12th in the Shows page
Updated Rich's profile in the Band Members page.

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