Title:Enough is Enough
Written By: Mike Schaffer

I'm so sick and tired of being here
People always judging me, I used to fear
I begin to talk and I hear them begin to laugh
I try to block out the sounds, but harder they seem to laugh
"Shut the hell up", I begin to scream
Then I realize it was all a dream
I climb out of bed and grab the yearbook
I begin to circle the faces, "Yeah, he's a jerk"
I think about what they've done, and I put and X on their head
I won't be a happy man until they all are dead
The next day at school as I am sitting in class
I begin to talk and a kid begins to laugh
I turn around with a marker in my hand
I put an X on his head and I put the gun into my hand
I pull my hand out of my pocket, with a gun to his surprise
I put the gun on the X, "This is for my happiness and to your demise"
He screams, "I didn't mean to hurt you and cause you so much pain"
All I heard was silence..., then a very loud bang
The boy flew back, with blood pouring from his head
I begin to aks myself, "Have I lost my head"?
I am hauled away, to prison I must go
I'll be there for life with no chance of parole
I ask myself, "Was it really worth it"?
Then I tell myself that I never should have done it
But it's too late now, he's gone and I'm in prison
I never should have gone to school with that mission.

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