September 09, 2008 -
Most of the website is back up and running!!
Got a few more things to take care of.
Mike's Picture Page is down and being worked on.
The MP3 section is up and running. Just took our MP3 Player from our MySpace Page. So go listen, and ENJOY!!!
The Merchandise Page has been updated with a WHOLE HELL of a lot of new shit added!!
The Bio was updated.
The Band Members Page is currently down and being worked on.
And the Links Page was given a complete overhaul with all of the DEAD LINKS being deleted!

September 03, 2008 -
Added a new show date for November 8th.
Yeah Fuckers, that's right...DEPRIVED IS BACK!!!
Not only are we back, but the ORIGINAL FUCKING LINE-UP is back!!!!
Damn it feels good to have these guys back in action. We practiced together for the first time in nearly 4 years, and DAMN IT FELT GOOD!!
Keep posted for all new shit, and maybe some new shows as well!
This website will be under HEAVY CONSTRUCTION. So don't be alarmed if some of the links go absolutely nowhere for right now. All will be up and running in all due time.

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