July 26, 2011 -
FINALLY...Mike's Picture Page is OPEN and has TONS of new photos.
Also, added sections to Mike's Picture pages. Split it up between a section for "1983 - 2004" and a section of "2005 and Beyond".
I have an audition with the new guys on August 8th. Hopefully everything goes GREAT!!!!

July 14, 2011 -
Something I have been promising for nearly 3 years now...THE REUNION SHOW PICTURES ARE FINALLY UP!!!!
I finally found the disc I misplaced the other day and have FINALLY gotten around to uploading them.
If you would like to see them, go to the Pictures page and click on "Deprived Reunion Show" or just click HERE.
I also revamped the pictures page a little bit to get ready to add sections for the new guys whom will hopefully soon be joining this band. Again, stay tuned for further details on that!!
I put Rich and Ian's pictures back under "Deprived 1998 - 2004" page.
Added 6 new NEVER BEFORE SEEN Ian Pictures to his page.
Added 10 new NEVER BEFORE SEEN Rich Pictures to his page.
Added 1 new NEVER BEFORE SEEN Dan Picture to his page.
Added 2 new NEVER BEFORE SEEN Austin Pictures to his page.
Also made Dan, Rich, and Ian's Picture Pages easier to navigate through!
Mike's picture page is still temporarily down and being worked on.
I am still gonna go through all the old pictures pages and make them ALL easier to navigate through like I have started to do to some already. If you would like to know what has been done so far, please read above or read the previous news.

July 12, 2011 -
Making a few of the pages easier to navigate through. Here's what's done so far...
In the Deprived 1998-2004 Pictures section, I've done all the band pages and even added a new non-uploaded picture!!!
In the Deprived 3/05 - 9/05 Pictures, I've done all the band pages and Vince's Picture pages.
Will make all the rest easier to navigate through once I have some more free time.
Also, added a link to our Videos section of YouTube.com. Check it out HERE

July 05, 2011 -
Currently in the middle of auditioning drummers and bassists. Keep posted for further details!!!

March 29, 2011 -
Updated the Links Page.
Have a few new UPDATES coming SOON!!!
Also pics from the Reunion Show will be posted as soon as I find the disc I have them all saved to! I seem to have misplaced it at the moment.
Added a Facebook page for the band.
Added a ReverbNation page for the band.
Updated the MP3 link to our ReverbNation Music Player!

Mike is currently looking for a bassist and a drummer to get this band up and running again!!! If you or someone you know is interested, please hit him up at the following email address...deprivedband@hotmail.com OR contact him on Facebook

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